Get Connected

Every Sunday • 9:30a

Building a Strong Foundation in Jesus Christ

We believe we are stronger together and join in worship every Sunday to hear scriptures and praise our Lord and Savior.   We hope that as we worship together you will feel welcome in our midst.  We trust you will find peace in God’s presence, freedom in Jesus Christ’s sacrificial loving act of redemption, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 

Alexandria Community Church
72 Church St.
Alexandria, OH 43001

God's Children

Building a Strong Foundation in Jesus Christ

Every Sunday • 10:30 AM • September - May

We believe God’s children are our legacy and we want to introduce them to the love of God and help them to know and appreciate the presence of God in their lives.  We want  to help keep them safe while teaching them of the love that God has for them.  Our certified volunteers are thoroughly reviewed and background checked, and they will love and care for God’s children as if they were their own.  Our facilities include child-safe rooms and equipment.  We have vital children’s ministry programs in place where your child will know they are a Child of God.

God's Youth of All Ages

Guiding youth to gain independence and freedom in Jesus Christ

Every Sunday • 10:30 AM

Every week, we gather to be ourselves in the glory of who God created us to be. We offer a place to belong, foster life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ, and equip everyone to live with faith and integrity.  We have energetic activities, music and teaching that’s just for us.  

We need each other.  We gather in smaller groups to share and support each other.  We’re more than just friends.  We’re partnering with each other in life and discovering what it is like to start doing it on our own.  But we are not alone.  To solidify the connection between faith, work and life and provide opportunities throughout our community and beyond.  We are a diverse community that seeks opportunities to strengthen relationships through a Christian based fellowship.

It’s not just for us, though.  We have to serve the world around us in an effort to love the world around us the way God has loved us.  We know what it’s like to need a little help, and we have committed to being a force of love to the world that is hurting.

Contact Us Food Pantry

Food Pantry Ministry

Every Thursday • 9:00 AM
April to mid-November

Finances are a struggle for many people.  Perhaps you are struggling to budget and save.  We believe that finances are important and want to help families in our community.  We offer assistance through our Food Pantry Ministry.  If you are interested, please contact us.

Contact Us New Connect Prayer Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Every Friday • 9:30 AM

There are many things in life that bring us down, and sometimes it’s impossible to do it alone.  We have a Prayer Support Group in place to help those struggling.  If you are in need of prayer, please contact us with your Prayer Request.

Events New Connect Bible Study

Bible Study

Friends Meeting at the Bible

We enjoy fellowship and friends meeting at the Bible.  We are ordinary people joining together to learn more about what the scriptures mean to each of us personally and spiritually.  There are several opportunities throughout the year to join a group where everyone is welcome.